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Some random quotes by Che Guevara

Whenever the United States of America wishes to start talks with Cuba on an equal footing, whether before or after the elections in November, they will find us willing to do so

Only the naive would believe that we would kneel before a master

There is no way to be certain of having something worth living for unless we are ready to die for it

Always struggle for victory

If you shake with indignation at every injustice in the world I will call you my comrades

Words without deeds are worthless

When cruel leaders are replaced, the new leaders become cruel in their place

I do not liberate. Liberators do not exist. It is for the people to liberate themselves

The only meaning of socialism is this: that the exploitation of mankind by mankind be abolished

Every time a country is made free, world imperialism suffers a defeat

Armaments are not goods to be traded. They should be provided free of charge to those that need them, according to their needs

We cannot anticipate the final defeat of capitalism unless there is effort and sacrifice by everyone of us

Whilst contemplating the final defeat of capitalism, we must decide who is at its head, and it is the United States of America.

Don't shoot! I'm Che Guevara and I'm worth more to you alive than dead

I know that you've come here to kill me. Shoot, you coward, you will only be killing a man



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