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Want to know more? These books are recommended:

A Revolutionary Life, Che Guevara: Jon Lee Anderson  (1997)

Che Guevara:  Andrew Sinclair  (1998)

Che Guevara:  Daniel James  (1970)

Che Guevara:  David Sandison  (1997)

Che Guevara, Economics & Politics in the transition to Socialism:  Carlos Tablada  (1987)

Che: Images of a Revolutionary: Fernando D.García/Oscar Sola (1999)

Che in Africa:  William Galvez  (1999)

Che, The Making of a Legend:  Martin Ebon  (1969)

Guerilla Warfare, A method:  Che Guevara  (1966)

Icon, Myth and Message: David Kunzle  (1998)

 My Friend Che:  Ricardo Rojo   (1968)

Pompo, A man of Che's Guerilla,  Harry 'Pompo' Villegas  (1997)

The African Dream:  Ernesto Guevara - (1999)

The Fall of Che Guevara:  Henry Butterfield Ryan  (1998)

The Life and Death of Che Guevara:  Jorge Castañeda  (1997)

The Life and Times of Ernesto Guevara: David Sandison  (1996)

The Motorcycle Diaries:  Ernesto Guevara  (1992)

Travelling with Che Guevara:  Alberto Granado - (2003)

Viva Che: Marianne Alexandre (1969)

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